Passed my second AWS certification!

So having passed my Solutions Architect certification a couple of weeks ago, I managed to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam today.

Those who have already taken these exams will know there is quite a large overlap between the Solutions Architect and Developer Associate exams, in reality the main topic I had to level-up on was DynamoDB as there are a lot of questions on that service.

I’ve spent the last day getting terraform to provision an api-gateway hooked upto a lambda function, which was way harder/more error prone than I was expecting. I’m hoping to explore some of the different tools (terraform/Cloud Formation/serverless framework/SAM) which could be used to provision AWS infrastructure in future blog post(s) and see how they compare. I have only been exposed to terraform which I think is great for proper infrastructure (e.g. EC2/ELB/ASG etc) as code but for serverless functionality I think some of the other tools might be easier/quicker to get things working.